Improve customer experience with the Queue Management LabsMove system

Long waiting lines are one of the main problems for any commercial organization, hospital or public office (post offices, banks, malls, etc.).

Queue Management represents the definitive answer, guaranteeing a constant flow of satisfied users. Managing visitor flows in offices and public spaces and at the same time monitoring their behavior is, in fact, fundamental to improve service management, security and customer experience.

LabsMove, taking advantage of visitors’ smartphone wi-fi connection, is able to generate maps for the representation of density, stay time and flows (Heat Maps), which allow the operator to know in real time where queues are forming and intervene where necessary, in addition to collecting data for statistical purposes providing real-time and historical analysis, which allow to propose visitors personalized information and offers.

LabsMove is the easy-to-use, flexible and reliable Queue Management solution already adopted by leading business organizations, public offices and hospitals.

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