Pax Tracking: what is it and what is it for?

Knowing how they move and what people do since they park their cars or get off the taxi until they embark and vice versa represents a huge opportunity for those who run an airport, both from an economic point of view since it allows to optimize the provided services and in terms of safety by improving the circulation of passengers and workers.

Of course, customer experience is the most beneficial, because by improving the circulation of passengers it is possible to avoid bottlenecks and long waits at check-in, security check points and other hot spots of the airport, including taxi stand.

In order to do so, it is necessary to implement a Pax Tracking system, a “Wi-Fi based” IoT platform and a network of sensors able to detect the movements of all people equipped with a mobile device within a determinate area.

Through the collection of data from sensors, the system improves the passengers’ experience at the airport by reducing the queues during security controls and managing logistic and commercial services more efficiently.

Visitors are free to spend more time in the areas given in concession, consuming and purchasing goods and services, with a great return for the non-aviation business segment, which represents more than 50% of the profits of an airport.

Being able to better manage the flows inside the airport also has an important impact on security: today more than ever it is essential to avoid the formation of crowded areas, promoting a better circulation of passengers in all the different areas of the airport.

Laboratori Guglielmo Marconi, with its twenty years of experience in this field, is today the Italian leading company for Pax Tracking with the LabsMove solution used in the most important international hubs.

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